Who was jiraiya sensei

Jiraiya Sensei was an experienced shinobi and a powerful member of the Sannin in naruto merchandise . He was very perceptive, being able to easily see through deception. He was also a master of Toad Sage techniques, which he used to summon various toads from Mount Myōboku. Jiraiya was also highly skilled in genjutsu, and could use his techniques to put his opponents in a deep sleep or force them to reveal their true intentions. He was also proficient in Wind and Fire Release nature transformations, and was able to combine the two elements together. Furthermore, he could use Wood Release through his toads’ usage of the Oil Barrage technique.

 Jiraiya was once one of Konohagakure’s legendary Sannin, alongside Tsunade and Orochimaru; but even more celebrated than either of his former team-mates. During their youth, Jiraiya and his team-mates Orochimaru and Tsunade were students under Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage. Jiraiya met Tsunade when they were six years old and fell in love with her during their youth, but was crushed when she chose Dan over him.

Even back then he had a tendency to peek on women while they bathed which earned him a beating from Iruka Umino when caught during the Ninja Academy entrance ceremony. A few years later he discovered that Orochimaru had attempted to steal the body of his teammate, Tsunade. After failing to persuade her to change her mind, Jiraiya battled Orochimaru and almost killed him. Ever since, Orochimaru has held a grudge against Jiraiya and sought to kill him.

In the series, Jiraiya is seen wearing a green short shirt and light-purple haori with a red flame pattern on it. Underneath he has mesh armour that shows out under his haori and an orange link belt around his waist alongside a purple rope belt tied in the front along with his stylised kiseru (Japanese smoking pipe) that Naruto once mistook for a sunhat. He also wears brown elbow-length arm guards either over or under his sleeves and getsa (Japanese straw sandals) on his feet, but like most of the characters in the series, he has two differently-coloured full body casts (one inside the other) which are never seen in detail; one off-white cast covered with naturalistic shapes and another plain black one underneath.

One of Jiraiya’s most famous achievements was finding Naruto Uzumaki and bringing him back to Konoha after he was kidnapped by Akatsuki. He also wrote two best-selling books about the young ninja – « Icha Icha Paradise » and « The Art of Toads ».

Jiraiya died while fighting the Six Paths of Pain and was posthumously honoured with the title of « Sannin ». He was also the first person to ever summon a toad from Mount Myōboku.

Naruto himself was deeply affected by Jiraiya’s death, and mourned him greatly. He even felt guilty for not being able to protect him, which led him to train harder than ever before. Naruto also vowed to find and kill Pain one day in order to avenge Jiraiya.